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What drives The Neighborhood Sprouts and our growth is community. We are always seeking sponsors for every aspect of our journey. Whether you sponsor a meeting, a field trip or an event, we offer many ways to get involved and assist in Sprouting.

There are 3 different tiers of sponsorship that we are currently offering. Know that whichever one you choose, your donation will be very impactful for the Sprouts and our mission. When we have speakers, leaders, teachers, and creators engaged with The Sprouts, their capacity for growth and development expands immensely. Our mission is based on community involvement and when the community comes to us and educates The Sprouts, we all can achieve more. Being a sponsor for The Neighborhood Sprouts is not only a world of fun, it is something to walk away from with pride and delight!


Lead a Meeting

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Meeting Sponsor: $100

A Sprouts meeting is a great place to teach kids about giving back and to create an idea for them to execute. Whether it is making jewelry for their teachers. Creating goodie bags for firefighters, or putting bags of food together for the homeless, you and the Sprouts can work together to make an impact on the community. Whatever you choose to do will be welcomed with open arms and excited Sprouts! 

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Field Trip

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Field Trip Sponsor: $250

The Sprouts are always interested in leaving the Garden and expanding our horizons. Our community is big and we love to visit it! Sponsoring a field trip is incredibly rewarding for everyone involved. Visiting our campaigned organization, heading to a police station to thank local officers or volunteering our time to create cheer in a new space is beyond incredible for not only the Sprouts for for the sponsor as well.  

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Event Planning

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Event Sponsor: $500

Each season The Neighborhood Sprouts create many events with all proceeds and donations going towards the charity they have chosen to sponsor all year. When you sponsor an event, all promotional and marketing material, which is created by our team, will include your logo, mission, and any additional information requested. You will also play a key role in planning and executing, making sure your brand is represented well besides the Sprouts. These events are vital for the Sprouts success and becoming an event sponsor not only brings your brand recognition, but also brings the Sprouts mission to life!