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Inaugural season

Our first season is off to a great start & we are learning so much about our kids & where we plan to take the program. Currently, the Sprouts meet up bi-weekly at the Edgewood Community Garden. This season we are at capacity for Sprout members, but we are always looking for volunteers!   

Age range is 4-8. We do accept 3 year olds if they have an older sibling in the club.

Our fee is $25 for a season. This fee goes towards snacks and T-shirts. There may be some other small expenses throughout the year, but as the kids are learning about volunteering, I ask the parents to donate more time than money. The Sprouts host several events throughout a season and it is very important to have parents present and assisting during these events. We are our kids role models, so if they see us helping out, they will want to as well.

So please note, if you are signing your child up for Sprouts, there are expectations for parent involvement throughout the season, mainly at events.



2x a month


Edgewood Community Garden

1503 Hardee St NE

Atlanta, GA 30307

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